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Gear for Mountains

Additional gear I use for basic mountaineering

= Black Diamond Harness is lightweight, quick-drying and durable. 

= The Black Diamond Serac 12-point crampons are designed for classic mountaineering routes (high snowy mountains and glacier traversing). I thought they were heavy but think they are one of the lighter 12-point crampons you can find.

= Hyperlight ice axe for glacier travel and ski mountaineering. I got the 50 cm but I think I should have bought the 60 cm. So far never had to self arrest (touch wood) so cannot give you a review about that.

= The Charmoz is one the most popular women mountaineerings shoes. I have to say I had huge blisters wearing them so don't forget to break them in first. Found mine on Vinted for 100 euro.

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