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Gear for Trails

My top 3 Backpacks


= My backpack on the PCT Very light and durable backpack, large meshed pockets for extra storage. A more popular option on the PCT was the Mo 50L Atom Pack which has additional compression straps but is slightly heavier. The Atom packs are made in the UK and are therefore one of the more local options for European hikers.


= Trekmates is a budget ultralight alternative. Also made in the UK. It is a drypack and hence fully waterproof. I love to use this backpack on hikes where there are no long food carries since it is a bit too small for that. There are also no meshed pockets on the sides for quick storage.


= Naturehike 60L is a budget semi-lightweight aluminium-frame backpack also made in the UK, perfect for when I want to carry more stuff (for example on mountaineering trips). It has extra large meshes at the exterior for quick storage. It is not waterproof but it comes with a raincover.

Favourite Tents


= The Zpacks Duplex is an ultralight, roomy, well-ventilated single walled tent. Very compact, pitches easily with trekking poles. I loved my Zpacks on the PCT. Negatives are: crazy expensive, single walled (hailstorms can cause damage but that's prob also the case for other tents), only available in the US. 

= The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 is a double-walled, free-standing, ultralight 2-person tent. Made in the US but available in Europe.

= probably more trustworthy than the Zpacks in stormy weather. Very nice to sleep without the rain-fly so you can watch the stars at night.

= The Big Agnes Tiger Wall Platinum is a new alternative and is with 500gr one of the lightest semi freestanding tents on the planet.

Air mattress + Sleeping Quilt

Enlightened Equipment Quilt 10 Degrees (566 g)


= Thermarest NeoAir XTherm is a comfortable, durable air mattress with R value of 6.1, perfect for cold to very cold conditions. The R value stands for the capacity of your mattress to reflect your body warmth, any R value higher than 4 is good. Most thru-hikers on the PCT therefore go for the Thermarest NeoAir Xlite which weighs less, however, I feel like the material of the XTherm was more durable than the Xlite (some of my friends had to switch out their Xlite for a foam pad after 1000 kms of hiking)

= Bonus, consider buying the NeoAir micro pump , I promise you it will make your life so much easier.

= When I first heard about quilts, I was a bit sceptic. I am very much a cold sleeper and the thought of not having something around me was not appealing. However, now I really enjoy the versatility of a quilt, you can move freely at night and it's lighter than a sleeping bag! Unfortunately the EE quilts are only available in the US but you can find them on some European camping gear webshops.

= A European alternative for sleeping bags and quilts is Cumulus, a very promising Polish company that designs quality down sleeping bags and quilts.

My n°1 Trail Shoes

= Adidas Terrex Two Ultra Primeblue are my all time favourite shoes. Super durable, comfortable and lightweight. The flexibility and breathability of trail runners is very nice on longer trails. You might want try at least one size extra. 

Hiking socks

= My favourite hiking socks. They are extremely durable, are super comfy and made of merino wool for extra warmth and less odour. Most importantly, they have a lifetime guarantee, which means you can return them for free in return for a brand new other pair!

= Also very comfy, warm socks made of merino wool. Their emphasis on cushioning, anti-odor, and quick-drying materials make them really enjoyable to hike with.

My favourite Electronics


= Rechargeable ultralight headlamp with micro USB. Three hours on 200 lumens or 50 hours on 6 lumens (red/white)! 

= I used this smart watch on the PCT and still use it for every hike, run or bike trip I do. It never let me down and it has an excellent battery life (24 hours of continuous GPS tracking without charging). The watch is supposed to last forever without charging in battery-save mode.

= I love this small action camera. I used it on the PCT and every other hike I did. It stabilises movement and takes sharp, smooth 4K videos with nice colours. I found mine second hand for under 100 euro. 


My top 3 hiking clothes

Ayacucho Bamboo hiking t-shirt
Häglofs L.I.M. rain jacket

= My sun shirt on the PCT. Bamboo is an awesome fabric for hiking shirts. It provides SPF 50, is super soft and doesn't get very smelly (just like merino). The idea is that the air can't get to your bacteria so bad odours stay out. Did not expect to like this shirt so much. Only negative is the wide neck.

= Still very happy with this synthetic insulation jacket. It's super comfy and in contrast to down jackets I was able to wash it whenever I wanted to. It also kept its warmth even when it was wet. I would choose synthetic above down for every long hike where temperatures are most of the time above freezing.

= Found this one on Vinted. Very lightweight rain and wind jacket. Loved and still love this one! 

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