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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 2

Hauser Creek -Kitchen Creek (Mile 11.4 -28.6)

I managed to wake up at 5 am with a plan to make it to Lake Morena before I run out of water. I'm feeling a lot better and hike the 10 miles (including 2 miles on a wrong trail) before 9 am. When I arrive at Lake Morena camp ground, I see a party tent is set up with a banner 'welcome PCT hikers'. They have a table filled with fruit and cold beverages (trail magic already?) and I recognise some friends from Scout & Frodo around the table. I take seat in the shade determined to not leave this spot before temperatures drop in the afternoon :).

I can't help but smile at the sight of so many hikers - Next to the hikers I met at Scout & Frodo, I chat with Julia from the States and 'Bleeder' from Sweden (who apparently gets nosebleeds in the desert). At three o'clock, I join Bliss and Roast when they decide to keep on hiking. 

The temperatures are still very high. Bliss and Roast set up camp a bit before the camp spot I was aiming for. I hope to see some friends there but when I arrive the spot is empty. Luckily I soon get company from 'Bleeder'. We watch sunset and chat about how our first days on the PCT have been.

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