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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 11 & 12

Idyllwild (Mile 177)

Town day!! The good news is our camp spot is only 1 mile away from the trail head. The bad news is that from there it's still 5 miles steep down hill on the infamous devils slide trail towards Idyllwild. My blisters are really bad: Don't ever use Compeed tape to cover your blisters, it only makes the shaving worse.

We got down to the parking lot but there is barely any traffic on a Monday morning. Fortunately we get picked up one mile down our road walk towards Idyllwild.

Idyllwild turned out to be a really cool place filled with wooden cabins. We stayed in one of them with 16 other hikers all packed up in a one-bedroom airBnB. Weirdly enough there was not much fighting over the couch. After laundry and showers, we visited the brewery. I'm surprised on how familiar trail life has become already and how many people I got to know in these 11 days.

The next day we took our first zero (= that's how we call a day without any hiking). We got breakfast at a proper American diner with coffee refills, did our resupply in the store and visited the outdoor shop. In the afternoon we finally get to meet the mayor of Idyllwild, which turns out to be a golden retriever (Mayor Max! He even has his own website!).

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