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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 13

Idyllwild - Camp site (Mile 177 - 197)

Ready to fight some freezing temperatures today. We get a ride back to trail in the back of Eric's parents' van. His parents came over to visit and will follow him for a bit while staying in their van. We got dropped off at the parking lot and climb all the way up into the San Jacinto mountains. It feels good to be back on trail again after a zero. I really like this part of trail and on top of that my blisters seem to be completely healed.

The descent is long and awesome. Not too steep and the views of San Jacinto next to the desert are just crazy. Our camp spot is the best one so far, enough covered from the wind but still with open views. We get company of Hanna and Gray. I watch a flemish tv-show 'de Mol' in my tent which I downloaded the day before (yes, even on trail I'm obsessed) and I'm certain today has to be my favourite day on trail so far!

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