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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 14

Campsite - Whitewater reserve (Mile 197 -218)

Two weeks and 200 miles on trail!! We continue our long descend down towards Interstate 10. Without realising I suddenly see the 200 mile mark. We take our pictures and continue hiking down into the desert. Temperatures are running high and I'm relieved to find shade under the bridge at Interstate 10 (a highway that spans 4000 km across the US from the West to the East coast). There is a trail register and some water caches and soda for hikers.

From there we decide to book an uber to enjoy a local speciality: 'the In 'N Out' (one of Americans finest fast food chains where apparently you're supposed to order your fries animal style). After the delicacy we resume our cultural trip to a dollar general. 

As usual I'm the last one out of the store and we head back to trail to join a group of hikers waiting out the heat under the bridge. We have another 10 miles to go to Whitewater reserve and this in over 30 degrees celcius. It's late in the evening when we walk past a few palm trees in what seems to be a paradise in the desert (ponds, green grass and bathroom facilities), it's a shame that we cannot enjoy this place a little bit longer.

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