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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 16

Campsite - Arrastre trail camp (Mile 235 -256)

Today we hike into San Bernardino National forest. The scenery is beautiful and I'm happy to see some trees casting shadows on the trail. I still feel pretty run down after the dehydration episode of yesterday but luckily, trail is not too difficult.

We gradually climb over a mountain towards the 250 mile mark and not far after we are surprised by trail magic. Two trail angels named Melissa and Mark have set up a table with hot dogs, chips, cookies and everything a hiker could wish for. For me it's mostly the fresh things I'm craving and I'm so happy to see oranges displayed on the table. The taste of fresh fruit after three days in the desert is indescribable.

Only 5 miles after we stop at Arrastre trail camp with space for more than 25 hikers. It turned out to be a social evening with card games. The dutch hikers invented a weird version of 'uno' where they make up the rules while playing.

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