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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 17

Arrastre trail camp - Big Bear Lake (Mile 256 - 266)

Town day!! Only 10 miles to Big Bear Lake city. Beautiful, easy miles with the first Joshua trees and crazy desert views showing up. We easily find a hitch to town and run towards the Vons for resupply and second breakfast. We get our laundry done and treat ourselves to a hotel room.

Big Bear Lake City is a big but tourist-friendly town. We meet up with a whole group of hikers at a proper American bar with live music (yes, they played 'Take me home country roads' and 'Party in the USA'). After a few drinks we somehow made our ways to the local karaoke bar. James earns his trail name 'Mister Brightside' by bringing a solid version of the Killers. At 10 pm we all ran out of the bar to watch the solar eclipse.

In the meantime I noticed my swiss knife was missing. Luckily trail angel Melissa reached out to me  she found my knife at trail magic and she was willing to return it at the hotel we were staying. We all packed up in Eric's parents' van and made it back to the hotel just in time to run into Melissa and Marc. Trail angels truly are legendary!

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