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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 18

Big Bear lake - Dalamar Mountain (Mile 266 -281)

Living the good life at the continental breakfast buffet in the hotel. Leaving Big Bear has never been that hard and easy at the same time. The first second we stick our thumbs out, two cars immediately stop and ask where we're heading. We jump in the back of the first car and have a chat with our driver who is a previous high school director whilst driving away from the comforts of town towards trail.

Moral is low for the first miles. We are climbing with a 5 day resupply on our backs and on top of that we run into a dry water source. During lunch I accidentally cut myself with my swiss knife while cutting open my avocado for lunch (is this what they call Karma for losing my knife?). Today is not going well.

 After that, trail becomes easier. We start hiking in line, chatting about whatever comes to mind. I realise it is the people here that keep you going. We set up camp and play the weird 'uno' game again. 

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