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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 19

Dalamar Mountain - Hot springs (Mile 281 - 307)

I wake up feeling energised while making my way towards the first water source. I accidentally take a selfie and I'm surprised on how my face can get this dirty after just one day of not showering. At the creek I wash my face and collect some water. Gray fished some spawn in his filter bag so that's our sign this water is of high quality.

We decide that it's probably doable to hike our first marathon today since it's all mostly downhill towards the deep creek hot springs. Driven by a challenge, we start cruising. We find ourselves a beautiful lunch spot at the river. I eat my nutella with bagels and we take some time swimming. In the afternoon we cross the 300 mile mark followed by the worst 5 miles of trail. I ran into an aggressive rattle snake and got attacked by a swarm of bees (fortunately got only stung twice). The hot springs make up for it, tourists offer us some free wine and we enjoy our time at this cool spot next to the Mojave river.

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