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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 20

Hot springs - Silverwood lake (Mile 307 -328)

Jumping in the hot springs first thing in the morning. Hiking up the canyon with barely any shade. I meet Legolas from Oregon, Panty pirate from Czech Republic and Karin from Israël. They started hiking the PCT a day before us (28th of April) and it's nice to meet and hear the stories of other people on trail. We find ourselves a very uncomfortable lunch spot and decide to continue hiking until we discover big brick pipes along trail that are perfect for a siësta. The afternoon is pretty rough. I got 6 new blisters. We finally reach camp at Silverwood lake. Since it's a proper civilised camping, we have to walk another 2 miles to find the reception. We get rewarded by a shower in the evening.

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