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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 3

Kitchen Creek - Mount Laguna - Penny pines (Mile 28.6 - 48.2)

We start the day with the first big climb of trail all the way up to Mount Laguna (12 miles up). The landscape changes from desert to pine tree forest. We notice a 'Safety Hazard' sign saying 'Unexploded Military Ordinance in This Area' so I let Bleeder walk ahead :). After more climbing we arrive at Mount Laguna resort. Mount Laguna offers a small shop, a campground but most importantly a restaurant (pine tree cafe) where they serve the best vegan burgers. 

After visiting the store for some snacks, we continue hiking until I almost got blown down by the wind looking down to the desert floor beneath us. We got spectacular views extending all the way into Arizona. Eventually we found a wind-free tent site where we camped together with the friends from Scout and Frodo and I got introduced to 'Thomas and Marit' from the Netherlands.

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