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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 22

Cajon pass - Guffy campground (Mile 341 -364)

So relieved to finally see some clouds over the desert. Today we have a 2000m climb coming up. We buy ourselves an ice coffee and moral is high! The PCT runs through a few small tunnels and over train tracks out of Cajon pass before we start climbing. My backpack feels light, I finally figured out how to pack and sized my gear down to the bare minimum.

Before I know we are out of the clouds again and views are getting spectacular. I stop to make the best cold soaking diner so far (pasta with knorr bolognaise mix) before we finally reach camp (those last meters were straight up and the FarOut comments were not very kind to the PCT trail association).

Guffy campground is an equipped camp ground with the first bear boxes and bear proof garbage bins on trail. Bears have been around since Mexico but now they feel closer. The view is mind blowing and I can't stop taking pictures.

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