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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 23

Guffy campground - Mt. Baden Powell (Mile 364 - 380)

Seven easy miles downhill through a ski resort towards Wrightwood. Wrightwood is a cute little village where we visit the outdoor store for a new pair of socks and where we also find the most gigantic trail box ever (a box where hikers leave stuff they don't need). I take oatmeal, leukotape and a few ramen packages.

We get lunch at grizzly cafe where we meet up with Dorine, James, Unfiltered and Melissa. Since we spend the night at Cajon pass, we decide to not get sucked into the hiker vortex for too long and we quickly find a hitch back to trail. I have a very long phone call at the bottom of the climb up to Baden Powell and struggle making my way up the mountain. Luckily when I reach the summit, Thomas, Marit and Bleeder are still waiting for our summit picture. This climb was mentally and physically a hard one. A little further we set up camp and are rewarded by a beautiful sunset.

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