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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 25

Highway 2 - Camp space (Mile 401 - 421)

Let me run over what I'm eating for breakfast on trail. I start the day by cold soaking 2 packages of protein oatmeal with chocolate breakfast essentials (combined around 800 calories). One hour later I'm having my first Lenny and Larry's complete cookie (440 cal) and a blueberry muffin (around 450 cal). 

Trail is relatively easy today, we gradually climb up to a mountain ridge where we stop for lunch and find some service to call home. The afternoon is easy with a long descent towards clear creek fire station. We restock on water and read on FarOut that it is possible to order take-away pizza and get it delivered to the fire station. We don't have to think twice. At the meantime I realise my swiss knife is missing again, I probably left it somewhere at Cajon Inn. I think it's time to finally accept my trail name 'No Knife'.

After pizza, we hike with the six of us in line the remaining 400 meters of elevation. We find a beautiful camp spot and play cards watching the sunset.

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