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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 26 & 27

Camp space - road to Palmdale (Mile 421 - 444)

Today our alarms are set for 4:30. We want to hike all the way into Palmdale so we can take a zero tomorrow. My first minutes of night hiking are a bit creepy - I expect to see a mountain lion showing up behind every corner - but views are spectacular with all the city lights in the desert canyon beneath us.

We reach our lunch spot stocked with water caches with almost 20 miles done. Since we hope to make it into Palmdale before the evening, we cannot stay long and have to hike down on an exposed trail in +30°C (+100°F). I take 4.5 liters of water which turned out to be just about enough to make it to the road. I had to pour 1 liter of water on my head to keep myself from overheating. 

Once at the road we easily find a hitch towards towards Palmdale. We got ourselves a cheap motel with swimming pool just next to a Mc Donalds, In N'Out and a dollar general. I got to

visit my first Walmart ever (life goals) where I buy myself a new swiss knife.

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