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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 29

Bouquet Canyon - Lake Hughes (Mile 465 - 485)

The trail meanders up and down and we have similar views the entire day (I know, it still looks stunning). I listen to podcasts and music to kill some time. Lander made me a thru-hiking playlist on spotify and there are some great sing-alongs in there ('Take a walk from Passion pit', 'Thousand Miles from Vanessa Carlton' and 'I'm gonna be (500 miles) from the Proclaimers'), this last song in particular is giving me goosebumps since we will need this song tomorrow.

For lunch we stop at a fire station where we find some free beers. We're having lunch and get our water from the fire hose.

In the afternoon I nearly step on a rattlesnake again and we hike on until we reach a camp spot next to a small road. Trail angels left some water caches and our camp spot has a proper pick-nick table. 

We got to meet 'Moon' from New York. He got his trail name on the Appalachian Trail because he apparently looks like a cartoon figure named 'Moon' (if anyone finds this cartoon, please let me know)!

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