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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 31

Bear camp ground - Aquaduct (Mile 504 - 526)

One month trail anniversary!! We wake up in the clouds and I'm feeling a lot better. Today we hike all the way down into Hiker town. Backpack is almost empty and I'm going super fast. 

Hiker town is a remote private property decorated as a Wild West film set. It's owned by a trail angel who has been welcoming hikers for over 10 years. There are colourful old trailers available for whoever wants to (or dares to) stay the night. It's the perfect spot to hang out before starting the infamous hot aquaduct section. 

We hitch at the highway to Wee vill market (a small shop that looks like a gas station) to get our resupply and eat a surprisingly good veggie burger. Our hitch back is not as easy and we have to wait 45 minutes to find someone who is willing to take us back.

We start hiking the aquaduct at 4 pm. It's 18 miles straight following the LA aquaduct (the system delivers water from the Owens River in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains to Los Angeles) and is known as one of the more boring sections on trail. We watch the sunset while playing word games and I actually find it quite enjoyable!

We find Thomas and Marit camping at a random spot just next to the Aquaduct and join them. It's really windy and my tent collapses after 10 minutes (apparently good tent stakes matter). It seems this will be my first night cowboy camping, using my tent as a ground cloth and sleeping straight under the stars.

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