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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 32

Aquaduct - Trail magic tent site (Mile 527 - 549)

I survived my first night cowboy camping on the PCT. It was pretty windy and apparently Dorine's pillow flew away while sleeping (Dorine & James have been cowboy camping since Mexico).

We continue hiking along the aquaduct and are very lucky with the cooler temperatures for this section. After the aquaduct we walk into the Tehachapi wind farm which is one of the largest in the US. In contrast to what many other hikers think of this section, I enjoy the different scenery and the flat hiking.

The flat terrain eventually comes to an end and we start climbing out of the wind farm. We spot a big fat mojave rattle snake and another 3 snakes. We finish the day at a nicely decorated camp spot where trail angels left a pantry with fruit, bread and some sausages. I set up my tent on a small little spot but at 8 pm the wind starts to flare up and I have to take down my tent once again. The wind is so strong it blows straight through my sleeping bag. I'm freezing cold and this has to be the most miserable night on trail.

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