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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 33

Trail magic tent site - Tehachapi (Mile 558 - 566)

I did not sleep much tonight and so I'm relieved to hear it's only 8 miles downhill towards Tehachapi. Tehachapi is a small city famous for its railway engineering but most hikers rightfully know it for its german bakery.

After picking up my new shoes at the post office, we make our way for some fresh baked pretzels and a big salad. We meet up with Hanna and Gray who have been hiking a lot faster and plan to leave for trail in a few hours. It's strange that you never know when it's the last time you will run into each other.

Tehachapi is another classic American desert town with train tracks running straight through the centre. For a city known for its railway engineering, the noice of upcoming trains is just crazy. I can't imagine living next to these rails here. Anyhow, the only thing hikers care about in town is food. So we visit the BBQ place where I order a surprisingly good salad (I'm vegetarian) and the Chinese all you can eat buffet. On our way back to the motel Dorine, Marit and I get picked up by a very interesting hitch from a driving dog (sorry mom!).

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