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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 34

Highway 58 - Willow springs (Mile 558 - 566)

Tehachapi -> Slack-packing 8 miles of the PCT  -> Tehachapi

After getting our resupply at the Vons in Tehachapi (which after 34 days I finally get the hang of), we impulsively decide to slack-pack 8 miles of the PCT. Slack-packing means that you leave all your stuff behind and hike a bit of trail with just some water and snacks. 

The trail crosses two highways connecting to Tehachapi so that means we get to hike the 8 miles with a light backpack and I can test my new shoes in the meantime (I went one size up, starting from a 38 and now a 39 1/2, yes feet do swell and get bigger over here).

Another advantage is that by hiking these 8 miles today, we can avoid a long water carry tomorrow. The 8 miles are pretty easy and we only cross 3 other hikers (still owe Bleeder some beers for that). When we got back to the motel, I finally have to say goodbye to my first pair of shoes on the PCT.

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