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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 35

Aquaduct - Trail magic Tent site (Mile 527 - 549)

We wake up way too late and it's hard to say goodbye to the comforts of town. Since it's late anyway we decide to get breakfast at Kelcy's before we hitch out. I order my first breakfast burrito's ever and I'm not really sure if I will ever understand the fuss around beans and rice in bread. 

However the extra calories and caffeine are very welcome. The climb out of Tehachapi is supposedly a hard one. We get a hitch from a rattle snake hunter - the back of his jeep is filled with snake skin and antlers. Thank you but the dude dropped us off at a random spot next to the highway 3km before the trail head... 

Luckily, I'm feeling strong today and the climb goes pretty well. I hike 30 km in 6h and there are indeed many more rattle snakes to hunt in the area (spotted 2 just on this stretch). I'm not really thinking about rattle snakes in the evening and I decide to join the others in their cowboy camping strike. There is something so simple about sleeping under stars.

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