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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 36

Golden oak spring - Robin bird spring (Mile 583 - 602)

We hike out of our camp space with 5 liters of water. The next water source is in 20 miles so we will have to make it there before the evening. In the morning I hike a bit with 'Graceful' and 'CoolAid', a father and his 19-year old son from the Netherlands. They had to stay in Tehachapi for a while to recover from some infected blisters. 

In the afternoon we start climbing and I feel lethargic after eating too much cheese for lunch. On top of that the trail is covered with blowdowns (trees covering the trail). I have to drag myself for a few miles until I notice a very interesting billboard. Someone has put up a poster with god's ten commandments and I'm not sure if I have to feel better now. Not far after we cross the 600 mark where I take a break to find the courage to hike those last 2 miles.

Pretty tired I set up my tent and instantly fall asleep.

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