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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 38

Dove spring canyon - Tent site (Mile 622 - 643)

We hike on over the mountain ridges in the Mojave dessert with very strong winds blowing me right off my feet. Since there is a little bit of service here, I try to call home but the wind is so loud it's impossible for them to hear my voice. One of the things I underestimated is how little you're actually able to communicate with the people back home. There is barely any service on trail and once you are in town there is so much to do that calling home is just another chore on the list. This doesn't have to be a bad thing though, I just think it is important that the people back home are aware of this.

The remaining part of the day I put my earphones deep in my ears to get rid of the shearing noice of the wind. I had to chase my cap for 200m before I promptly put it safe in backpack.

The views are nice though. Before our climb we take a break at a spot where trail angels left water and for some reason also a scale. While my hiker friends seem to have lost 5 to 20 (!) kg since they started, I gained 2 😅. I hope it's just muscles!

The afternoon was pretty rough. Those last miles were never-ending and I try to kill the time by eating my diner while hiking. Luckily our camp spot was sheltered from the wind and I was able to set up my tent for a proper night of sleep.  

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