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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 39

Tent site - Walker pass - Morris peak (Mile 643 - 656)

It's about to get very hot again but we are lucky since it's only downhill towards Walker pass. Walker pass is a mountain pass by Lake Isabella where we plan to go for resupply and pizza.

I'm super excited when we get a 30 minute hitch back to trail in the back of a pickup!

Once back at Walker pass, I decide to wait out the heat at pick-nick table where we get company of Elina and a few other hikers who I've been seeing around trail since Mexico. The only beer can I bought at Lake Isabella fell out of my backpack and spat open, I decide to share it with the hikers around the table. 

After that incident I start hiking again, the alcohol made it not easier and I'm relieved to find the others at the first camp spot on the ridge. A trail angel hiked all those meters up to hand out ice pop sticks to all the hikers at the camp ground (this guy certainly has to be on top of the food chain in trail angel land) + we got rewarded by the nicest views we'd seen for while! 

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