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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 40

Tent site - Tent site (Mile 643 - 676)

The morning views are just incredible. I try a new breakfast experiment with oatmeal, granola and instant coffee and the caffeine gets me going like nothing else. A bit later I stop for my first gatorade protein bar (I'm intrigued with the calories and protein). Today is very cruise-worthy with spectacular views the entire day. After crossing a big rattle snake we find a sheltered spot for a siësta. All these things feel so familiar now (spotting snakes, finding shelter from the sun...) however, in only two days we will reach Kennedy Meadows and the desert section will be officially completed. Trail will be different as we will enter the mountains of the Sierra Nevada where we will hike through remote national parks and over snowy mountains.

We meet a hiker (I forgot his trail name) who has been sailing for a few years prior to this trip, he's been all over the world and came to hike this trail to be closer to his family for a while. He tells us that being on trail is actually pretty safe and approachable in contrast being on water where there is no one near to help if something happens.

It reminds me that I shouldn't be scared for what's about to come.

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