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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 41

Tent site - South Fork kern river (Mile 676 - 698) 

Late start in the morning, trying to catch up with Thomas and Marit (early risers). Our last miles in the desert are brutal. We hike 800m of elevation on very exposed trail and it has never been this difficult finding a sheltered spot for lunch. We are pretty motivated, though, we know that after this climb we will drop down into the Fork Kern River valley where we will be rewarded with a swim in the river. 

On our way down we had to scoop water from the worst water source on trail so far (paddles with algae). Some hikers double treat their water here, meaning that after filtering they add a chlorine tablet to kill all the germs in the water but the taste is aweful. 

We're almost running the last 5 miles before we finally reach the river. This has to be the best swim I ever had. We set up camp next to the river and celebrated our last evening in the desert.

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