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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 42 & 43

South fork kern river - Kennedy Meadows South (Mile 698 - 702)

700 miles!! We did it, we finished the desert section of the PCT! It all feels unreal and just as promised, we are welcomed to Kennedy meadows with applause from fellow hikers.

After hearing about this place for so long, it's weird to finally be here and of course it looks completely different than I imagined. It's better in that there were many more familiar hikers and it's worse because we had to wait forever to order our beers :). We celebrated not only our first completed section of the PCT, it was also Dorines birthday.

Since the snow had almost completely disappeared in the Sierras, I sent my ice axe back to friends in Seattle (I got a package with my Sierra supplies and food waiting for me in Kennedy Meadows). We still had to pick up our bear canisters in the Triple crown outfitter store and I also bought myself a new icebreaker. Goodbye desert, welcome Sierra Nevada 😍.

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