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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 5

Camp ground water pipe - Julian - Scissors Crossing (Mile 68 - 84)

Today we plan on visiting Julian, a small town close to trail where they offer free pie for PCT thru hikers! Since it's all downhill towards Scissors Crossing (the trail-road junction towards Julian), I'm the first one down at the bridge. It appears downhill is something I'm good at.

Bleeder and I go on a mission to find our first hitch towards town. After 5 minutes an old car with no windows shows up. The driver gave us a 30 minute lecture on American politics and I'm relieved Bleeder took the front seat.

Julian looks beautiful and exactly how I pictured it - colourful wooden houses with a distinct Old Western aesthetic. We quickly run into Jordan, who kindly offers us a shower in his motel room. It's only been 5 days but I've super happy being able to wash the desert dirt of me. We spend the afternoon eating free pie at 'Mom's pie' and free pizza at the brewery. An American couple at the brewery asks us if we are PCT hikers and offer us a ride back to trail (I'm overwhelmed with al this kindness!). We wait out the heat under the bridge with Theo, Lorna, Hanna and Gray, they all carry a sun umbrella. We continue hiking at 5 pm and trail is beautiful!

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