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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 6

Campsite - San Ysidro creek (Mile 84 -105)

Today we crossed the 100 mile mark, visited the Montezuma store and found two snakes on trail. We endured some very exposed desert hiking and were happy to make it to the water caches before noon. Trail angels were so kind to bring a few dozen caches all the way up here. Without this cache we probably would have to hike more than 40 km without any water. 

After 10 more miles we get a shuttle from Berral springs to Montezuma, a small shop in the middle of nowhere. Since I'd send myself a resupply box to Warner springs I don't have to buy much at the store but it's nice to wait out the heat with an ice cream in our hands. I play a game of chess against Lorna (still can't believe she carried that thing for 100 miles).

We take an overly packed shuttle back to Trail and hike through beautiful open grass fields to a camp spot next to a creek with kettle as our neighbours.

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