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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 7

Ysidro creek - Eagle rock - Warner Springs - Camp space (Mile 105 - 122)

One week on trail already! The highlight of today is Eagle Rock, a natural rock formation that looks like an eagle (did I just explain why it's called Eagle rock?). Anyway, the trail follows a creek and the landscape changes. There is more shade and there are trees full of birds and chipmunks.

We deviate from trail to get my resupply box at Warner Springs (I've send myself 4 boxes to desert from Scout & Frodo's house). Warner Springs is a small town with not much to find expect for a post office, a gas station and a golf course. The golf course seems to be closed for hikers (apparently a hiker took off his smelly shoes in the middle of the restaurant). 

Happy with my resupply, we hike on until we find Thomas and Marit taking a siësta under a large tree. Thomas and Marit are intrigued with my dutch resupply food I smuggled into the US, it's nice to finally speak some dutch. We continue hiking in line and push ourselves all the way up to a camp spot in between bushes at mile 122. 

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