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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 8

Mike's place - Nance canyon camp (Mile 122 -140)

Today we visited Mike's place. Mike's place is a property in the middle of a desolated desert stretch where thru hikers rely on the water caches stocked in front of his property. Mike's cabin is surrounded by metal junk, broken cars and a few tents of hikers who spend the night. I use the self-fabricated outdoor-bathroom (which is probably 10x more gross than digging yourself a cat hole) and we make sure to pack enough water to survive the next 24 hours in the desert. 

The afternoon was hot and hard. The sand feels very different than any other trail. It shaves and my feet count more than 10 blisters now. I'm having a rough day but it helps that I am in good company. Thomas, Marit and Bleeder find a camp spot next to a big rock. I have something to look forward to since I'm having a proper (but still cold soaked) spaghetti diner.

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