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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 10

San Jacinto mountains - Tahquitz trail head (Mile 160 -177)

Today we climb further into the San Jacinto mountains. I learned about these mountains long before trail and their beauty is unmistakable. The low-hanging clouds are dancing around us as the wind is getting stronger. One drawback about mountains is that there is barely any water on the ridge. We have to make a crazy detour off trail (2 km and 300m climb) to stay hydrated.

A few other hikers tell us there is a wind warning for these mountains and as soon as we reach the ridge we almost get blown over by the wind. In the afternoon we struggle staying right on our feet and it takes long before we find a sheltered camp space big enough to set up our tents. It's pretty cold and we see the first snow patches on trail around us. My garmin tells me we just climbed 2,111 meters today which is by far the most I've ever done. Exhausted but very satisfied I fall asleep.

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