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PCT 22' Strava journal - Day 1

Campo - Hauser Creek (Mile 0 - 11.4)

It's 8 am when we got dropped off at the monument. We're a group of 12 hikers who met the day before at Scout & Frodo. Scout and Frodo are legendary trail angels who have been hosting hikers for over 20 years. We got served breakfast at 5.30 am before they smoothly transported us to the terminus.
At the border, two members of the PCT Association welcome us, take our pictures, and let us sign the trail register. I'm nervous and it feels very unreal to be here. I take my time checking out the monument and touching the wall at the border with Mexico before I finally find the courage to start hiking.
For the first few miles, I get company of Sho from Japan. It's nice that, thanks to Scout and Frodo, I now know some people on trail. We walk past the iconic first PCT signs (another 2647 miles to go until Canada). The desert heat is intense and I'm drinking a lot more water than expected.
After lunch, I meet Bliss and Roast, they have a trail name already since they previously hiked the Appalachian trail - another long distance trail in the East of the US. We spot a baby rattlesnake and Bliss warns me that these babies can be quite dangerous and unpredictable.
We decide to call it a day at mile 11.4, I had hoped to make it further but hiking in the afternoon desert heat drained me more than I could have imagined. I pitch my tent and prepare my cold-soaked couscous diner. It feels weird that this will be my evening ritual for the next 4 months.

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